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County Council lets down Bishop's Cleeve residents over new primary school

Your Liberal Democrat Councillors, Helen Munro and Richard Stanley, have been leading the campaign to persuade Gloucestershire County Council to see sense and locate the proposed new primary school near the new houses, with the former allotment site on the A435 identified as a potential site.

Councillor Stanley met with the Diocese, who own the site, and established it is agreeable to investigating a potential land swap with the County Council. There has been no interest from the County Council in pursuing this.

Councillor Munro has challenged any County Councillor who would be prepared to walk from the new developments to the Council’s preferred site on the Green Belt playing fields on Kayte Lane twice a day to come forward, but none have to date.

Schools should be at the heart of our community.

While most of us are concerned with the national emergency, the Diocese and its developers have submitted their planning application for 103 houses for the former allotment site. Councillors Munro and Stanley have pressed Tewkesbury Council to freeze this application during the emergency, been refused permission   to put forwards a motion to Tewkesbury Council to propose the allotment site is zoned in its draft Local Plan for education and not housing, and secured the agreement of

Officers meet with the County council and work with them to find a suitable site for the proposed new school.

The location of a school is a County Council decision in the end.  We see no evidence that the County Council has any will to act in the best interests of our community.

Liberal Democrats will continue to put the interests of residents first

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