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Lib Dems win new cycleway between Cleeve and Gotherington

After months of determination, Liberal Democrat Borough Councillor Helen Munro has secured a new cycleway from Bishop's Cleeve to Gotherington which was a condition for building new houses in the area.

Councillor Munro has been vocal about the need for the new cycleway and said: "If I wasn't a cyclist, and didn't happen to know about this agreement, I don't think it would ever get built.

"I understand why it was delayed due to Covid - but what I don't understand is why that date was given when the legal work was not completed." she said. "It's such a busy road to cycle on - I've fallen off my bike on that road and it's quite scary when it happens. The hope would be that this would make the road safer for cyclists."

"If you live in Bishop's Cleeve, its a great way to travel into the Cotswolds, if you like a flatter route. It's such a low-cost to the taxpayer, I don't understand why it hasn't gone forward."

The cycleway was one of the conditions that had to be met by Bovis Homes and Taylor Wimpey in order for approval to build 65 houses on Homelands Farm. Plans would see a cycleway run along Cleeve Road and stops just short of the village of Gotherington, beside the Homelands housing estate.

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