Tewkesbury Liberal Democrats

Working hard for our community infrastructure

Liberal Democrat Borough councillors Helen Munro and Richard Stanley have been campaigning for the long overdue community facilities developers should have provided as part of the planning conditions.

There was no clear log of what infrastructure had been agreed or when each element should be completed. Thanks to the Liberal Democrats this is now being addressed by a proper database of the agreements and key dates for each development.

Councillor Munro has been working hard to try to get Bovis Homes to build the cycleway from Cleeve to Gotherington. Working with Councillor Alex Hegenbarth, a joint meeting with the Borough and County Councils was held to encourage everyone to work together and push Bovis homes for completion. Alex and Helen have been assured there is progress to getting a start date. We will keep up the pressure.

Councillor Stanley has been calling for Tewkesbury Borough Council to ensure delivery of the community buildings, play parks, bridges and other infrastructure. Following hard work from officers a planning application is now in for the Homelands community building and, after residents’ protests outside their sales office and a BBC radio interview with Councillor Stanley and residents, Persimmon have now promised a timeline of overdue infrastructure projects.

Lib Dem councillors will continue to make sure residents are put first.

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