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Dieback threat to Hucclecote’s trees

Many of the tress in Hucclecote may soon have to be felled as the number of cases of dieback continues to increase in the area.


Dieback causes the tree first to lose their leaf cover from their outer branches, meaning they can not produce the energy they need from photosynthesis, therefore eventually killing the tree. Both Tewkesbury Borough and Gloucester County Councils are felling and replacing trees over the next few years to stop the spread.

The loss of both Ash and Elm trees from dieback will have a major impact on the landscape and air quality in our area.

Borough Councillor Paul Smith for Hucclecote said: “I’m delighted with the response from local gardeners and volunteers who have been doing all they can to help so any offers of help planting these would be welcome this Autumn– anyone with some greenhouse or garden space to cultivate a few trees as replacements for the losses so let us know if you can help.”

Hucclecote Parish Council has also received 400 trees from the Woodland Trust to help replace lost trees in the area.

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