Tewkesbury Liberal Democrats

Jason Potter-Peachey for Pittville and Prestbury

Jason is ambitious for Cheltenham and for Prestbury.

The Liberal Democrats team has a track record of getting things done; working hard and staying in touch all year round – not just at election time.

Having been a Human Rights activist for over 10 years and currently the Chairperson of Pride In Gloucestershire, Jason wants to put his efforts into making our community here the best it can be.  He have spent many years fighting for different rights and to improve the lives of different communities and wants to do this in Prestbury.

Prestbury has its own unique identity and this uniqueness needs to be upheld, whilst still remembering that it's part of one bigger community.

Jason wants to be able to speak up for the community, to put forward the issues raised by so many of you. From improving our parks and safety, to dealing with the roads and the issues surrounding unsafe footpaths and even looking into supporting our own local and unique heritage that we have in this wonderful area of Cheltenham.

Beyond our local area the local Lib Dems are working hard on the bigger issues too:

  • Making Cheltenham carbon neutral by 2030, including planting thousands of trees, building green schools and declaring a plastic free Council
  • Building homes people can afford to live in whilst protecting green spaces. £180m on building affordable homes whilst building the first Council houses in a generation.
  • Bringing jobs and investment to Cheltenham including 7,000 jobs to the Cyber Park whilst supporting 4,700 local businesses through Covid

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