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Left in the Dark: Tewkesbury Conservatives refuse to back campaign for local electricity suppliers

Tewkesbury Borough Council's Overview and Scrutiny Committee refused to show support for the Local Electricity Bill which would allow communities or small businesses to produce and sell electricity without the large overhead costs of large suppliers.

Lib Dem Councillor Scott Thomson reported "The majority of the Conservative-dominated committee failed to understand the importance of this bill to our rural communities and the future of our electricity supply, and so voted down a call to support it."

The bill would give community-scale renewable energy a massive boost by empowering communities to sell their energy directly to local people - therefore significantly reducing it's cost which could help the local economy, help lift people out of fuel poverty, and lead to new jobs in the area.

Scott added "Despite it's backing from thousands of people, hundreds of local organisations, and MPs from across the political spectrum, the local Conservative group have no fresh ideas on how we can help our environment and improve our area."

You can find out more about the the Local Electricity Bill here.

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