Tewkesbury Liberal Democrats

Tewkesbury MP votes against helping struggling families

Tewkesbury MP Laurence Robertson voted not to fund free school meals during school holidays despite fears that unemployment may sky-rocket over the next few weeks. Many families, already living in poverty, have seen their earnings slashed and work dry up due to the impact of the pandemic.

Child with empty bowl

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The UK and Europe

The Liberal Democrats fought long and hard to Stop Brexit.

And our values have not changed. At every step of the Brexit process, we have been clear and outspoken in our position that Britain is better off within the EU. We will always stand firm in our pro-European, internationalist values because we know, we are so much better off together than we will ever be alone.

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Dieback threat to Hucclecote’s trees

Many of the tress in Hucclecote may soon have to be felled as the number of cases of dieback continues to increase in the area.


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Update on planned Human Waste Treatment site near Wingmoor Farm

Previously, we had let residents know that near to Wingmoor Farm Household Recycling Centre at Stoke Orchard an open-air human waste treatment site, which will receive 120 tonnes of human waste sludge every day, has been given the go ahead by County Council despite the concerns voiced by the planning officers at the Council and by the objections made by local people.

Human Waste Treatment

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Ben pushes for cycle routes in Churchdown

The Gloucestershire Liberal Democrats have long been campaigning for the creation of a network of cycling paths across the county to provide a real alternative for the daily commute and to help encourage regular exercise and reduce our carbon footprint.

Cycle Path

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