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Tewkesbury MP pockets thousands as heating bills soar

Local MP Laurence Robertson has taken £32,000 from the betting industry to lobby as tens of thousands across Gloucestershire suffer a Cost of Living Crisis.

The MP for Tewkesbury is paid £2,000 a month by lobbying group the Betting and Gaming Council which represents bookmakers.

Robertson has been caught writing private letters to government ministers warning them about the consequences of introducing tough new laws on “harmless gambling” while he has enjoyed free tickets worth thousands to go to Wembley, to watch horse racing at Doncaster and to go to Lord's to watch the cricket - all courtesy of the gambling industry

The County Councillor for Bishop's Cleeve, Alex Hegenbarth, whose division is up the road from the Cheltenham Racecourse (a venue Robertson frequently visits) said "Thousands in the area are facing crippling energy bills while our MP swans off to enjoy the races - our constituency deserves better than this."

"Gambling is a serious affliction that impacts hundreds of thousands of people across the country. The £32,000 Robertson has claimed should be put to better use helping those who suffer from such a damaging illness."

"I'm calling on Laurence Robertson to do the right thing and donate that money to a gambling addiction charity. No one should profit off other people's misery."

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