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Tewkesbury MP votes against helping struggling families

Tewkesbury MP Laurence Robertson voted not to fund free school meals during school holidays despite fears that unemployment may sky-rocket over the next few weeks. Many families, already living in poverty, have seen their earnings slashed and work dry up due to the impact of the pandemic.

Child with empty bowl

Alex Hegenbarth, Liberal Democrat Parliamentary Spokesperson for the Tewkesbury constituency, said “I’m appalled that our MP would be willing to force families to choose between feeding their children and keeping them warm this winter. Our MP is meant to be fighting for us but instead he’s prepared to see many in his constituency suffer.”

"The Conservatives are happy to award contracts worth hundreds of millions of pounds to friends and family but not to help the most vulnerable. This government is balancing its book on the backs of children, and our MP is helping them do it. We need – we deserve – better.”

If you need help you can find more information about local foodbanks and foodbank e-vouchers here.

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