Tewkesbury Liberal Democrats

“School Streets” trial could see pollution fall at the school gate

Gloucestershire Liberal Democrats have proposed and are piloting the first “School Streets” scheme in the county as a way of cutting pollution and protecting children’s health.

“School Streets” is an initiative where cars are not allowed outside of schools at drop off and pick up times to stop children having to breath in fumes from so many cars all in one place. If it works well, by encouraging more cycling and walking and helping reduce congestion around schools, then it could be trialled in towns such as Tewkesbury.

Alex Hegenbarth, Parliamentary Spokesperson, said: “Congestion around our schools is an ongoing issue for parents, local residents and people trying to get to work. If the “School Streets” scheme is proven to work then I hope other schools join the scheme to help reduce children's exposure to harmful fumes”

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