Tewkesbury Liberal Democrats

Tewkesbury Borough Council: Support cycling in our area

The Liberal Democrats called on Tewkesbury Borough Council to give their support for initiatives to encourage the take up of cycling were slapped down by the Conservatives on the Council, despite the health benefits it would bring.

Borough Councillors Munro and Stanley brought a motion to ask Tewkesbury Borough Council to make a statement of public support for initiatives to support the take up of cycling, including issuing a statement of support to the County Council for its initiatives to develop a cycle network.

They also asked the Conservative-run administration to pressure the County Council to prioritise the work that's needed to enable routes such as the Cleeve to Gotherington cycleway (and many others) to start as soon as possible.

However the Tewkesbury Borough Council administration soundly rejected such beneficial proposals.

The Liberal Democrats will continue to fight for the community infrastructure our area.

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