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Site secured: New School will be built next to New Developments

Thanks to a hard fought campaign by Liberal Democrat Councillors, the Parish Council, and local residents, it has now been confirmed that the much-needed new primary school will be built by the new developments in the north of the village. 

The new £11 million carbon neutral primary school will be built on land next to the Old Farmers Arms on Evesham Road.

The school will initially open to 60 Reception children (two forms of entry) in 2023/24, and will gradually be expanded in line with housing growth to three forms of entry from 2030, eventually teaching 630 local children.


Councillor Richard Stanley, Borough Councillor for Cleeve West, said "This is great news and is purely down to the hard work put in by local people in making the County Council see sense. The County Council had previously planned to build the school down Kayte Lane, which is often clogged with traffic and is prone to flooding, but the school will now be built were it's needed. I'm glad that we were able to work as a community, for our community, rather than having the wrong decision made for us by the County Council."

Alex Hegenbarth, County Council Candidate for the Bishop's Cleeve division, said "Under the County Council's own guidance, the Conservative administration expects children under 8 to be able to walk 2 miles to school and children over 8 to walk for 3 miles – meaning many primary school children could have ended up walking over two hours to school and back every day. That's why the Liberal Democrats and local people have been campaigning for nearly two years to make sure the new school is built next to the new developments that need it.

"I'm glad that common sense has prevailed thanks to the hard work of Liberal Democrat councillors, activists, and local residents."

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