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Sarah Sawyer for Longlevens

About Me

I grew up in Gloucester and am very passionate about its potential. I attended the High School for Girls and my brother was at Milestone.

I live and work locally, running my own business here, and my children attend the local School.

A few years ago, I set up the local voluntary group Friends of Elmbridge to campaign for, and raise money to build, a new playground in Armscroft Park. I wanted to create a high quality outside space where our community could come together. The playground is well used and much loved – hopefully you have been able to enjoy it or seen families doing so.

This experience made me want to do more to contribute to our community, and last year I helped Becky Booth set up the local street champions network and Friends of Elmbridge raised over £1,000 to support vulnerable children at our local schools through lockdown.

I love being part of this community and working with others to make it a great place to live. I have not been involved in politics before and have often thought that in-fighting between politicians can get in the way of progress. I am totally focused on getting things done.

Why I want to be your Local Councillor

After the budget cuts each part of Gloucester has had to fight for funding and I feel more money needs to be spent in our area.
I have spent a lot of time over the last two years talking to local residents and many are concerned about the impact the cuts have had on the quality of our roads and street signs, on trees not being replaced and weeds and verges left to overgrow. We need permanent solutions to these problems especially as they can contribute to the flooding that some of our community have suffered recently.

We have been working hard on these issues but there is only so much that can be done in opposition-We could do so much more if we were elected.

I am very much in favour of initiatives to make our area greener. I believe we should be developing safer off-road family cycle lanes, rather than the current dangerous cycle lanes that are often full of parked cars and reducing our reliance on cars.

Improving green spaces is a passion of mine and is more important than ever plus we need to improve biodiversity by planting more trees, shrubs and bushes for our local wildlife to thrive. It frustrates me that the Council does not have a coherent, effective approach to improving sustainability across the City and the County as the recent cycle lane debacle on Estcourt road demonstrates.

There are so many inspiring cities around the world doing their bit to save our planet and I want Gloucester to be one of them.

Gloucester has so much potential and I believe the regeneration of the town centre is too slow and needs to be re-thought and re-prioritised for a post-Covid world. Our city is full of beautiful and historically important buildings that deserve to be celebrated but there are too many ugly ones. I believe we need to support local small businesses and enterprises and make our High Street unique rather than chasing big retailers when this is not the way high streets are going.

The vibrancy of our city can be improved also through the creation of cultural, social and community spaces.

We have great schools in our area and through my voluntary work I have built good relationships with them and as a Councillor I want to support them and work closely with them.

I will be standing for the City Council along side Linda and Jade and I am the Liberal Democrat Longlevens candidate for the County Council.

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